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We would like to collect examples of teaching practice in the field (see notes). Below we have embedded some short education video-clips from YouTube. Thanks to their brilliant technology anyone can now be a published movie maker. We believe that these video-clips have great potential as a global learning tool, and we would be very happy to embed your educational YouTube video-clips on our website.


Rosy teaching his DES class

NOTE: If you can't see the video to the left or those below you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player. Get the latest flash player.

Old Teaching Method

A teacher demonstrates a new method to increase student focus by 250 percent. This method also cures ''ADD'' in most cases!

Sorry, but I couldn't resist this one!

Health education made simple

This video documents how we innovate our health teaching method to attract and entertain our audience in the rural area.It may look rediculous but with this method we are sure that were able to deliver the message across.

Teaching Deductively

Here a teacher demonstrates the deductive, teacher directive method.

5 Technologies Part 1

Visual and Active methods of teaching are improved with technology. The talk introduces the need for technology to support the learning (more)

The 5 Minute Dog Trainer

Example of dog training methods by the author of "The 5 Minute Dog Trainer". Trainer, Soso R. Whaley, has worked with a variety of animals both domestic and exotic and has developed a quick and easy method of teaching your canine how to be a better companion. For more information about this series which is currently in production contact Moaning Dog Productions at soso@moaningdog.com

Blind Student Uses Innovative Learning Methods

A student who's been blind since birth utilizes alternative learning techniques to obtain her degree from Northern Kentucky University.

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